Welcome to Tangible Whimsy Photography

About Tangible Whimsy:

Tangible Whimsy Photography is done by Nancy Ann, a University of Arizona student, dreamer, yogi, incontrovertible life-lover. Together we occupy a unique and miraculous planet that deserves appreciation – the powerful human animal included. We are each unique and wonderful like our Earth, and through photography we capture the marvelous moments we compose during our short time on it.

All life is beauty, and all the beautiful whimsy in each of our worlds can be made eternally tangible through the art of photography.

Questions? → No inquiry is insignificant. ←

Email: NancyAnn@Email.Arizona.EDU

About Nancy:

A full-time English Humanities Major at the U of A, Nancy spends much of her time submerged in the world of literature. When she isn’t involved in scholastics, she enjoys cooking fresh, local foods, hiking Mt. Lemon, stargazing, travel, artistic projects from painting to fire dancing, and spending time with her loving fiance and three cats.

Nancy’s favorite photographic subjects are people with something special to showcase (whether it’s a talent or meaningful relationship), those who allow their internal beauty to shine through their outer self, as well as pets, children, flowers, and landscape. She believes in joyful comfort in all situations, so feel welcome to lay inhibitions aside for shooting pictures with this open-minded photographer.


Tucson, Arizona (with travel photography from various states such as Louisiana, Tennessee, California, & Nevada)


Nancy is a budding amateur photographer. It is a craft that she enjoys, has developed skill in, and desires to share with others in a helpful, creative, and playful way. While she completes her college degree and refines her craft, rates are a standard $45 no-fuss fee per hour (+ basic travel fee for those outside Tucson), with as many clothing changes, people, and customizations as you please. Sliding scale or trade options are available for those with limited income and for promotional opportunities on an individualized basis.


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